Пройдите тест на знание английского языка для определения своего уровня. Мы проверим его в кратчайшие сроки и свяжемся с Вами!
Желаем успехов!

1. He ______ from Japan.

2. Carol likes _____ to the cinema.

3. I watch TV ___ the evenings.

4. She said that she ___ her present flat.

5. Her friend is ______ than me.

6. Does this flat belong ___ you?

7. I am in such a hurry.
My train ___ in fifteen minutes.

8. I`d like a photo of Lucy and me.
_______ one with your camera, then.

9. Put the words in the right order and
ask a question.

Are / there/ how long/ staying/ you.

10. Put in the correct question phrase.

Are / there/ how long/ staying/ you.

11. I’m a manager. And ___ do you do?

12. We’re thirsty! Is there ___ water left?

13. Mark is a ___ football player
than Tom.

14. We won’t go to Italy ___ we save
enough money.

15. There isn`t ___ toasts left but there
is ___ tea.

16. Ginny soon finished her breakfast
and paid the waitress.

17. I have a breakfast every morning.

18. __Emily Green?

19. I didn’t______he was at home.
(to know)

20. What's ______ job? He is a waiter.

21. I don't like ___ much.

22. Your car is bigger than ___.

23. ___ to England?

24. Where ___ this bag?

25. We ______ TV when it started to rain.
(to watch)

26. I _____ for you for two hours.
(to wait)

27. I _____just ____ my car.
(to wash)

28. If the sun (to shine), we (to walk)
to the town.

29. If it (not/to be) so late, we (to play)
a game of chess.

30. If I (not/to switch off) the radio, I
(to know) about the second goal

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